- Recycled Glass Nightlights, Handcrafted Night Lights Made From Recycled Bottle Glass From Reborn Glass

Welcome to Reborn Glass--A Family Owned "Re-Creational" Arts Studio


For more than 20 years we created and sold original lines of fine art/craft.  ALWAYS haunted by the environmentally wrong processes and materials we were involved with... aerosol spray cans, toxic glazes, energy sucking kilns, miles of bubble wrap and mountains of Styrofoam peanuts. To top it off we would load a one ton gas guzzling truck and travel across the state and even the country to exhibit. 

In the summer of 2007 we decided to completely overhaul our studio putting all of our focus into the idea of RE-Creating. Taking something that had already fulfilled it's purpose, breaking it down and then artfully giving it new life or form...hence the name Reborn Glass! Through diligent trial and error we developed a process to create kiln formed, fused functional home accents and exquisite light seeking adornments. Let me be clear about the kiln however, it is a super energy efficient computer controlled fusing oven…not at all like the ceramic kilns from our past.

Soon, we realized that bottles only come in brown (earth), green (trees), blue (water) and Clear (air)…the relationship between those colors and our natural resources sparked even more inspiration for this project.

Over the years we have formed wonderful recycling partnerships with restaurants and resorts like The Ritz Carlton Resorts of Naples, Angelina's, Capital Grille and more.  Not to mention a dedicated network of friends and family who drink and drink--keeping the bottles coming!

Washing the bottles and removing the labels is the most miserable part of our process. Mike and the boys have designed and welded steel glass smashing devises that have become larger and more sophisticated as our business expands--check out a video demo of "The Smasher":


Despite our humble beginnings we have been fortunate to create exclusive night light designs for many national catalogs such as Signals, Uncommon Goods, Viva Terra, The Art Institute of Chicago, Uno Alla Volta, Collectables Direct, National Wildlife Federation and countless galleries and boutiques around the USA.

We are VERY mindful that thoughts become things…so we focus always on the most positive side of every situation no matter how challenging that is at times. We continually strive for a state of gratefulness in our lives and our work.

Artistic Creativity, Extraordinary Work Ethic, and Passion for the Environment must be hereditary... Reborn Glass relies on the hard work of 2 (almost 3) generations!

 Watch our creative process:


Thank you kindly for your interest in Reborn Glass...


Vawn & Mike Gray (and our ever expanding family)







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